Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The brewery is complete!

In an earlier post I explained how difficult it was to get a plumber... Well getting a gas fitter was no easier! The gas hookup is one area that I really wanted a professional to take the reigns. There is an existing capped line that was 15 feet from the hookup, so I thought it would take a professional no more than 2 hours to complete the job. My first quote came in at $1000.00. No Thanks. The second guy never showed up to see the job. The third showed up but when I pressed him on having a valid gas ticket, he told me he had a friend who has a ticket. No Thanks.

I finally found someone with a valid license and willing to do the work on an hourly rate plus materials. He was also able to install the two vent lines so that I can exhaust the room while brewing.

This weekend I'll be testing and cleaning all the equipment and my next post will be about the first brew.

Here's the final product: